From Immigrant To Doctor | Black Lives Matter | Racism In UK | Growing Up Black in The UK


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These are some of my experiences of racism so far. I am certain that more experiences will follow but hopeful that change is occurring and I want to contribute to this by raising awareness and sharing my stories. I urge you to watch until the end. For those of you with less time, I’ve split the video into 4 different parts which you can watch in any order.
Some of the experiences are emotional, some infuriating some just utterly unbelievable- but all are true. It contains foul language, in the form in which I experienced it so I don’t apologise for any offence caused by that.
I’m sharing my stories to offer support for those experiencing similar, to educate, to raise awareness and to inspire. Please speak out. Everyone. No matter what skin tone you have, speak out against racism in all its shapes and forms.
Black Lives Matter.

Dr Simi Adedeji

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#BlackLivesMatter #Racism #BlackWomen
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