The Art of Action - Cynthia Rothrock - Episode 12


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In episode 12, Scott Adkins talks to the Queen of Martial Arts movies Cynthia Rothrock - The Blonde Fury - The Lady Dragon! The female GOAT of martial arts movies and if you didn't know that then prepare to see why. Cynthia has inspired my around the world and its a pleasure to have her on The Art of Action.

0:00 See You In The Movies
3:10 Martial Arts Background
10:04 Getting into the business
15:22 Yes, Madam
25:18 Injuries
28:07 Shanghai Express
34:10 The Magic Crystal
36:33 Armour of God
37:12 Righting Wrongs
42:00 No Retreat No Surrender
46:41 Inspectors Wear Skirts
48:46 The Blonde Fury
54:00 China O'Brien
57:58 The Executioner
1.01:45 Sworn To Justice
1.03:07 Working in B Movies
1.07:53 The Queen of Martial Arts

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Purchase Yes, Madam here -

Shanghai Express

Magic Crystal

Above The Law/Righting Wrongs

The Blonde Fury

China O'Brien 1 & 2

Sworn To Justice

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