Zuby - Now Or Never (Official Music Video)


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Music video directed and edited by Tyler Palmer

Track produced by Scott Styles



I’m getting mine baby, I’m on the grind daily
And all these rhymes baby, been on my mind lately
And I may die crazy, cuz I won’t die lazy
It’s now or never, I said it’s now or never man
I’m gonna shine baby, I’ll make the grind pay me
And all these fine ladies, they’ll know my lines baby
And I may die crazy, cuz I won’t die lazy
It’s now or never, I said it’s now or never man

[Verse 1]
Don’t apologise for honesty or compromise for modesty
Be grateful for what’s monetary, stay faithful to the odyssey
Talk to people honestly and ward off animosity
But better mediocrity and peddle generosity
Want it then go get it, if you talk it you should live it
If I said it then I meant it, if I spit it then I live it
To drugs I’m not enamoured you can #ZubyQuote that
Never arming any hammers but I do evoke crack
My audio’s addictive and I’m sinning but I’m winning
See me grinning while I’m chilling cuz I’m swimming with some women
Thrilling Spanish honeys who don’t ask your boy for money
But tell papi that he’s guapo even when I’m dressing bummy
Some tell me that they love me, I tell them to quit lying
They tell him that they mean it and I tell them to keep trying
Always asking if my album cover’s digitally enhanced?
Like “nah baby girl I’m very physically advanced.”


[Verse 2]
Uh, the first cut should be the deepest
The second one’s to penetrate your mental through the speakers
Behind the dying meekness is the actual uniqueness
Of my mind and rhyming sleekness not no fabricated weakness
The motive, the fitness, the meaning of insistence
My family the witness, my reason for existence
Believe I’ll leave with something from a decade of persistence
Grew my audience from nothing f’ the path of least resistance
Was rocking it for freebie when my flow was still uneasy
Now I’m flying out to Europe and the people want to see me
But if you think it’s easy step into these shoes and be me
Rock a couple hundred shows, sell a couple thousand CDs
In a couple different countries, how I know my people love me?
I sign a lot of autographs and ladies often hug me
They tell me I’m “the bestest” been invested since conception
Now my dream is half reality protected from inception

[Verse 3]
What’s the hardest obligation of an artist occupation?
It’s trying to find elation amongst hate and admiration
Don’t ever look for trouble call it fated dedication
Haters trying to pop my bubble with serrated provocation
But my frame control is tight and I’ve been too many places
And killed way too many stages to be fazed by aggravation
I charge on negativity it’s positively stated
Discharge my creativity and write when I’m frustrated
So am I motivated? Or maybe I’m just different
Driven by desire I don’t really have a wish list
Flipping through the fire if I crave it’s on my hit list
Living’s never dire when you’re brave enough to get rich
Or try vaguely, defy lazy, vie greatly
And whine faintly, no riches come to cry babies
Deny safety, just make that leap and fly bravely
And if you die crazy, at least you tried baby


© C.O.M. Entertainment 2014
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